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Our Strategy

Our Strategy

We, the Commissioners, Directors, and Personnel of PT Unitest Presisi Indonesia, are committed to conducting activities and achieving the Company’s targets based on the Unitest Business Plan 2023, Company Regulations, and Policies.

It is the responsibility of the Commissioners, Directors, and Personnel to ensure and carry out all business activities to achieve the company’s targets, as well as implement measures to prevent material and non-material losses by considering and addressing specific aspects to reach the set objectives and targets.

Therefore, we, the Commissioners, Directors, and Personnel of PT Unitest Presisi Indonesia, commit to:

  1. Achieve sales target, cost of goods sold, operating expenses, profit, assets, cash flow, and other expenses without exceeding a 10% deviation from the Unitest Business Plan 2023 projections.
  2. Achieve PT Unitest Presisi Indonesia’s sales target ≥85% of the corresponding target in the Unitest Business Plan 2023.
  3. Promote efficiency and effectiveness of operating expenses to be ≤80% of total revenue.
  4. Incorporate integrated Quality, Environmental, Health, Safety & Security (QHESS) management systems and anti-bribery management system as essential parts of the company’s assessment aspects, ensuring the prevention of work accidents, environmental damages, and maintaining a safe and comfortable working environment in all operational activities.
  5. Encourage continuous improvement and enhancement of services and products in line with market demands and the company’s development.
  6. Encourage all employees to enhance their competencies and provide opportunities for growth within the company.
  7. Conduct regular evaluations of the company’s performance targets and management systems for continuous improvement.

The Commissioners, Directors, and Personnel of PT Unitest Presisi Indonesia agree and commit to implementing this joint commitment.

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