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Vision Mission & Values


To become an international competitive inspection, consulting and training service company to support sustainable development.


  1. Provide professional services by upholding the values of the company
  2. Build active communication and collaboration with policy makers
  3. Ensure the quality and quantity of work in accordance with the company’s operational standards
  4. Build team work and analytical mind for each employee in order to provide satisfaction to customers
  5. Creating a dynamic, pro-active and solution-based work environment by prioritizing aspects of occupational health and safety and environmental balance


  • Precision: Accurate, Precise, Measured with certainty
  • Teamwork: Fostering good and harmonious collaboration between teams and customers
  • Responsive: Being committed to providing speed and accuracy in response, as well as addressing customer needs
  • Integrity: Prioritizing aspects of honesty, consistency, reliability, and impartiality
  • Elaboration: Being a reliable working partner who can act as a facilitator of communication for business needs
  • Good Service: Service that provides satisfaction to customers
  • Solution: Providing targeted and practical solutions
  • Environmentally Friendly: Being environmentally-oriented
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